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Playing an instrument

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Playing an instrument

Post by Kaynil on 2010-11-15, 15:41

Well it could be a hobby for some of us to pick up a guitar or some other instrument and learn to play certain tune or just some cords to create your own stuff.

Have you ever learned to play an instrument?
If not.. would you like to do so? Which instrument?

How much do you know? What would you like to be able to play or do?

Are there some instruments you would never like to see yourself involved with?

Myself, I only know a bit of guitar, very basic really, but I can learn a few easy tunes, I like trying specially for videogames ones, but I am also getting into the music theory as I want to understand the guitar fully and be able to come up with some rhythms by myself. I'd like to learn the drums, but I thin k it is too complex for my clumsy nature. In the other hand I just can't see myself playing a saxophone; It is cool, but I don't think I could do it right, nor getting the motivation to improve and learn it completely.


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