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Guidelines- please read

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Guidelines- please read

Post by Admin on 2010-10-10, 23:49

Here, you can host your own competitions. A place for people to earn chatting credits and more. When you are hosting a competition you do not need to give a price but if no on replies for 2 weeks then your thread will be locked.

When you are hosting a competition, please clearly state what you need to do and the prize (if there is one).

Here are some rules for creating a competition:

•Your competition will be closed if there's no reply after 2 weeks.

•You can only have one topic open at one time however there many be many competitions in a thread.

•If we find your competition is inappropriate, we will delete you competition and give you warnings and bans.

•When someone won your competition, you need to pay them, if you do not and we find out, we will give you warnings and bans

Thanking for reading,


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