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RPG Maker Collective

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RPG Maker Collective

Post by RMCollective on 2010-11-25, 00:15

Site Name: RPG Maker Collective
Site URL:
Description: Based around the hit 2d game creation program RPG Maker VX, this site was designed with respect and consideration in mind, unlike many of the other major RPG Maker forums on the net.

We are here to help and look forward to any questions you may have, as we are a conglomeration of masters in each talent and aspect of RPG Maker, with many of the top, big, well-known names running and contributing to the site. And if there is something you want to learn yourself, apply for one of the Master classes, or if you need assistance with something smaller, ask the Help Engine.

As for future plans, we have a secret project in mind with a new site design and a much broader scope of engine support!

Your Name on the Board: Kalez

Current stats:
Our users have posted a total of 4961 articles
We have 796 registered users


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