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Shining Tears (PS2)

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Shining Tears (PS2)

Post by serai on 2010-10-28, 18:08

This is another one of those disturbingly hard to find JRPG games. Part of the Shining Soul series which was on the GBA and in most ways a neat upgrade as well. It's got a neat anime style to it, in both appearance and story =P Some might take it for a typical hack 'n slash RPG but for those of us that have a weakness for that genre it's awesome.

Unfortunately I never got to get a copy of it.. I really wanted to though. I had Shining Soul 2 on the GBA and played it to death until I heard of Shining Tears coming out on the PS2 and got right pumped for it. I was at school one day watching trailers and reading up on it when a "friend" of mine started asking about it. I kept going on about how excited I was for it and really wanted a copy if I could find one or if he could pick me up one if he saw it. We went to the EB and that dick found the only copy they had and bought it before I could. I wasn't even given a chance to borrow it.. ugh. And he let me play for like 10 minutes one day. Jerk.

Nonetheless, it was fun and looked right cool. Upgrading and using all your teammates, learning new attacks, customizing weapons and all that.


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