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Jade Empire (XBOX)

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Jade Empire (XBOX)

Post by serai on 2010-10-28, 18:06

Anyone ever played this game? If you haven't, but you own an XBOX, I would definately suggest trying it.

It's an RPG with a Hack & Slash sorta combat system. The game itself has a pretty decent story that changes depending on what choices you make throughout the game. You can either choose to follow the way of the open palm (good) or the way of the close fist (evil). You can choose out of 5 characters, each with their own unique skills. There are magicians, martial artists and warriors. Throughout the game you are able to customize your character's use of weapons and his skills. You can also choose to upgrade their HP, Focus (Mana), Strenght or Speed.

All together this makes you feel like you make the story, instead of following it. The game really satisfied me, and I recommend it to everyone who hasn't played it yet.


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