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Pokemon Black and White (Nintendo DS)

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Pokemon Black and White (Nintendo DS)

Post by serai on 2010-10-28, 18:05

The fifth-generation Pokémon game has been announced! At least, the titles for the next generation have been announced -- Pokémon Black and White are the next pair of Pokémon games, to be released this fall on DS in Japan. Nintendo's going for relatively simple colors after things like "HeartGold" and "Pearl." And ... that's pretty much all we know. Of course, given the way the series works, we can all kind of guess exactly how this will play. Or maybe not: a note on the Pokemon home page promises that "every aspect will be reborn innovatively," according to our translation.

The first new creature from this generation has already been revealed as a sort of teaser: Zoroark, the Monster Fox Pokémon. The teaser site indicates that we'll know more April 15.


The pokémon Zoroark:

My expectation is that this game will be released in america around mid 2011 and a few months later in europe.

I will update when more information is released.

EDIT: Updates are now made at my site, if you wish to know more, PM me for the link.


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Re: Pokemon Black and White (Nintendo DS)

Post by Kaynil on 2010-11-21, 22:25

I am excited about what this game may bring, but I am not a huge fan like to book and do all I can to get the game as soon as it comes out, the starter Pokemon evolutions seemed to cause quite a debate between Pokemon communities, where some fans were disappointed.

Has anyone chosen a starter pokemon yet?

I'll probably will pick pokabu. I like it. xD

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